Our Past Is Our Future. It Is the Way. It Is the Only Way.

Our Story

Earth was heaven, growing up as children, warm and embracing as we journeyed through the seasons, enjoying different weather patterns, each with its own unique beauty, each arriving and departing with consistent, predictable, regularity. The air was clear, and the waters were clean. Abundant with natural resources, the earth gave life and provided for every need. Life was indeed beautiful, not anymore!

During the last two decades alone, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in climate landscape. Now we find ourselves on a path that has become intimidating and life threatening as a result of decades of planet-wide exploitation of natural resources. The unchecked increase of society’s carbon footprint and the impact of greenhouse gasses has resulted in what we live in today – a catastrophic climate crisis.

KIU was born out of a vision to do something about it, humble as it may be. Committed to solely offer eco-friendly products, we join the collective efforts of world powers, organizations, and climate activists. Sustainability is the essence of KIU’s existence. We are committed to work only with like-minded organizations to provide products that are recycled, eco-friendly and/or biodegradable.

We’d love for you to join us. We believe that together we can change the world for everyone based on the conscious decisions we make today. Together, we can do more.

Our choices today define our future tomorrow!

Our Vision

To make a positive impact on the planet by helping people reduce the carbon footprint with sustainable, eco-friendly, everyday products.

A Smaller Footprint, A Bigger Impact.
We’re in it for the long run.

Our Mission

To unite people through positive, sustainable actions by offering only eco-friendly products via a network of like-minded organizations to achieve a cleaner planet.

What we believe

  • Sustainability

    We offer only products made of circular, eco-friendly, and organic products, materials and/or processes.
  • Integrity

    Unfaltering to our colleagues, clients, and suppliers and by no means least, our planet.
  • Commitment

    Dedicated to our suppliers, clients, employees, working together towards mutual and sustainable growth.
  • Quality

    Better quality of life through better quality, eco-friendly products.