Manassu Zafu Meditation Cushion

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Filled with 100% organic premium buckwheat hulls, this traditional round zafu meditation cushion is made to
perfection for your routine meditation. With its unique, time-tested design it is a perfect accessory for meditation. The cushion aids to raise hips, making sitting meditation positions stable and comfortable, keeping the spinal cord straight and allowing for long sitting. The cushion’s inner and outer case, which has an irresistible soft feel, is made of recycled cotton which aids our sustainable effort.

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Key Features

  • Eco-friendly

    The zafu cushion is filled with organic buckwheat hulls and the inner/outer case is made from recycled cotton. The organic buckwheat hulls allow the air to freely circulate through the buckwheat hulls so your skin can breathe without any discomfort.
  • Perfect support

    With pleated sides, the zafu cushion can be manipulated to adjust the posture. Malleable buckwheat provides support for any body shape. They don't flatten and keep the body posture incredibly well thereby giving you the perfect support that you need while sitting for your meditation. Pleated sides allow you to easily shift and adjust your positioning on the cushion.
  • Armed with zipper

    With easily removable inner and outer case, the cushion is armed with an invisible zipper allowing buckwheat hulls to be added or removed for a looser or firmer cushion and for easy cleaning as needed. It also allows you to adjust the cushion to the perfect height.
  • Absolute comfort

    The zafu cushion is designed to improve your posture and comfort level during meditation. It aids to relieve pressure from the back, ankles, and knees while supporting spinal alignment. With a sturdy carry handle, your zafu cushion is absolutely easy to carry anywhere you like.
  • Durable

    Resists shrinking and stretching. Designed to be sturdy and endure your physique.
  • Sustainable style

    Traditionally designed and used over decades by avid meditators, the cushion is perfectly made with organic buckwheat hulls, with no harmful chemicals. The inner and outer cotton case is made from recycled cotton.
  • Supporting artisans

    We work closely with local artisans in India on the production of these cushions to support and encourage their profession.
  • Specifications:

    Size : 15x30 cm
    Weight : 2.000kg
    Material: 80% recycled cotton, 20% polyester
    Filling material :100% Organic Buckwheat hulls
  • Care instructions:

    To wash outer/inner casing, unzip, pour buckwheat hulls into a bag
    • Wash outer/inner cotton casing with cold water, hang to air dry, refill buckwheat hulls
    • Do not bleach